Power Dialer™

Organize your contacts, manage your sales process, and nurture your customers while supercharging your sales calls.

Power Dialer


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Predictive Dialer


No contracts. No commitments.
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Talk to More Contacts Per Hour

Power Dialer™ helps you manage your time more efficiently by working with your existing mobile, desk or landline phones, so you can call more contacts per hour, and spend less time dialing and waiting around.

Because you’re not stuck sitting in front of a desktop computer, you can be much more mobile, making calls from your cell phone or anywhere else while you’re on the go. So not only is it time-saving, but it’s more convenient, too.

Mobile Phone Compatible Mobile Phone Compatible Mobile Phone Compatible Mobile Phone Compatible

Mobile Phone Compatible

Power Dialer™ Features


Built for Sales Driven Environments

Power Dialer™ was designed to help streamline the telephone operations of both individuals and sales organizations, allowing them to maximize their sales capabilities without having to spend countless hours in front of a computer. Hand dialing is inconvenient and time consuming, and Power Dialer™ eliminates all that. You and your team can power dial no matter where you are, from any location, mobile, desk phone or landline, making it easier than ever to get in your calls. Power Dialer™ also offers a desktop experience for those companies that still wish to utilize a computer and desk-based team. Basically, the choice is yours.

Cloud Based Application

Power Dialer™ allows you to access and use the dialing platform from any device, and any location, anywhere in the world.

Power Dial on any Phone

Use Power Dial to get in touch with contacts from mobile, desktop, landlines, voip and other devices.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Schedule your calls for when your contacts are most likely to answer the phone. You can also utilize call tracking according to other parameters that you set, including time of day, geo-location, sources, lead quality, employee performance, and more.

Drop Cowboy
Call Cowboy Fax

Superior Dialing Software For a Fraction of the Cost

Power Dialer™ features quality, reliability, and enterprise-grade infrastructure, saving you money.

Power Dialer™ is designed to benefit everyone, from single users to enterprise call centers and everyone in between. Power Dialer™ service is convenient and easy to use, with no setup fees, no pesky waiting period, and easy start up. It’s as simple as signing up, adding your users and beginning to make calls. With convenient auto dialing, unlimited minutes, flat rate pricing and more, Power Dialer™ offers the convenience and flexibility you need, no matter the size of your team.

Industry Leading Pricing Plans

Industry Leading Pricing Plans

Local Numbers Included

Each user receives their choice of up to 10 local internet phone numbers which can be used across all our services.

Toll Free Numbers Available

Both toll-free and vanity numbers are available for purchase within the powerdialer portal.

Unlimited Extensions

You can create unlimited extensions, call routing rules, and other customized content, for all departments and team members.

Custom Voicemail Greetings

Create and play custom voicemail greetings for each one of your various extensions.

Visual Voicemail

Read voicemails right from a screen with Power Dialer™ voicemail-to-email transcription services, saving you further time and convenience.

Call Cowboy Office Phone
Call Cowboy Virtual Office
Drop Cowboy
Call Cowboy Fax
Call Cowboy Office Phone
Call Cowboy Virtual Office

Power Dialer™ Pricing Details

No Annoying Contracts, No Extortionate Setup Fees, An Unlimited Amount of Minutes, and Cancel Anytime.

When you’re a small business trying to get off the ground, your days are complicated. Your virtual phone system needs to be as simple as it can be, and with Power Dialer™ you’ll have self-service, simple pricing, and no long term contracts.


Power Dialer™ Provides Powerful Features for all Use Cases

Power Dialer™ dialing software enables businesses of any size to increase their productivity, utilize data analytics, and productively train employees - all for pennies on the dollar compared to our competitors’ rates.

Screen Pop

Clear, magnified detail so you can see a contact’s information, previous interactions, and more, as soon as the phone begins to ring. You’ll never be caught waiting for the screen to refresh again.

Lead Segmentation

Use our easy to segment listing feature for lead lists and call contacts based on your segmentation.

Simultaneous Call Handling

Easily forward calls to the next available agent, so you never miss any calls or force calls to stay on hold.

Text Messages

Enjoy two-way texting, text blast, text forwarding and SMS autoresponder features all with Power Dialer™.

Voicemail Drop

Easily transition to the next call while dropping voicemail messages to unavailable contacts.

FREE Self Service Setup & User Training Walk-Throughs

Installing and implementing new software into already established business processes can be a daunting process. Power Dialer™ understands that, which is why they have implemented an easy to use, interactive, step-by step setup which allows you to configure your entire system in just a few minutes. This easy implementation process, which allows you to easily check in, track performance and more, includes interactive walkthroughs to help train your employees much quicker and more efficiently. This will save you time and money.

For those with more specific needs, Power Dialer™ can customize the interactive training to match your specific sales processes. Just ask us!

Free Walkthrough Setup & Training Free Walkthrough Setup & Training

Free Walkthrough Setup & Training

Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited Minutes

One flat fee. For everything. Period.

Power Dialer™ boasts an easy to use system that is unique in the industry - and that trickles down to billing. With Power Dialer™, you’ll no longer have to contend with overages, charges by the minute, or any surprise fees or costs. You will pay a simple, flat monthly fee based on your number of users, and that’s it. That’s all.

Power Dialer™ even allows for reassigning your license to another user in the case of having employees leave mid-month. We understand that turnover can be high in call centers, and we’d never want to take advantage of that. Power Dialer™ makes it easy to transfer licenses from user to user, and we never charge you extra.

Power Dialer™ Software Powerful Performance Features

Power Dialer™ innovative features, unlimited pricing, scaling options, and unique capabilities make it the top choice for all of your auto dialing needs. No other company boasts such innovative and affordable features that allow you to make calls from anywhere, even on the go.

Still not convinced? Here’s a few more of those great features we offer:


Review detailed calls, texts, and data to help you make informed decisions about your business.

Call Tracking

This feature allows you to easily track inbound calls according to geographic location, call source, time of day and more, making it easier to spot trends, make adjustments to marketing and contacts, and more.

Lead Scoring

You can easily customize call dispositions to account for lead tracking, lead sources, quality scores, and so on.

Access Control

Because Power Dialer™ is a roll-based dialing platform, you can use it to assign employees various roles and give them different control access according to said role. It is a very customizable platform.

Predictive Mode

Our platform allows you to call up to three contacts at once, increasing agent talk time. Your agent will speak to whichever contact happens to answer first.

Call Abandonment

Easily track call abandonment rates, using this data to adjust your dialing rates, and also leave pre-recorded voicemails and messages when calls are abandoned


Power Dialer™ proudly works with several 3rd party services, such as Zapier and others, to offer you various suite integrations

Open API

With our Open API service, you can easily integrate Power Dialer™ directly into any application or platform. It’s easy to set up and get started.

Track Agent Performance

You always want to be on top of agent performance, monitoring to make sure that they are working at their highest level of capability. Power Dialer™ makes it easier than ever, providing you with detailed reports on agent productivity, including their call activity, duration of calls, outcome of calls, and more. Evaluating these reports will give you insight into weaknesses in your sales cycles and allow you to better re-train employees based on areas of weakness.

Track Agent Performance With Analytics Track Agent Performance With Analytics Track Agent Performance With Analytics

Track Agent Performance With Analytics

Setup within Minutes Setup within Minutes Setup within Minutes

Setup within Minutes

Setup in Minutes

Power Dialer™ will never charge you setup fees and we don’t believe in time-consuming, complicated training environments.

Rather, at Power Dialer™ we pride ourselves on fast and easy setups, featuring interactive walkthroughs, easy to configure platforms and easy, instant auto dialing. When you join with our auto dialer software, you and your employees will be pleased at how fast and efficient the entire system works, how intuitive and easy to learn it is, and how customizable it can be. We can provide your employees with additional walkthroughs based on your specific customizations, and role-based training for employees at your request.

Dialer for Car Dealers & Field Sales Representatives

Many different industries rely on auto dialing; not just call centers. Car salesmen and field sales representatives have contacts they must keep up with, but often don’t have time to be stuck in-office at a desk. Power Dialer™ allows you to make your calls on the go, while strolling the showroom floor or assisting customers.

Dialer for Small Business & Single Seats

If you have a small business - or if you’re just a one-person operation - you can still take advantage of the enterprise level technology that Power Dialer™ offers. Power Dialer™ easily allows for single users and small teams, while many competitors require you to have at least three team members or more. Whether you’re a tiny team or just a team of one, Power Dialer™ is happy to grow and scale right along with you.

Dialer for High-turnover Call Centers

Call centers often have a high turnover. For this reason, you need a cost-effective system that allows you to hire, train and monitor employees very quickly and easily, to get the most out of their performance in a fast amount of time. Since Power Dialer™ is contract-free and allows you to easily reassign licenses to new employees, this will help you streamline and save a great deal of time and money, so you don’t lose productivity as you lose employees.

Power Dialer™ allows for scaling the number of user licenses up or down in only seconds, boasting a highly interactive walkthrough system and easy to learn training to save time when onboarding new employees.

Dialer for High Security & Prison Call Centers

Power Dialer™ has had many clients and much experience operating dialers in prison call centers and other high-security environments. We provide several different options, depending on the level of security needed. Since our auto dialing solutions don’t require agents sitting in front of a computer, it may be easier to operate in high-security areas.

Call centers could easily provide agents with locked phones with pre-programmed auto dialing contacts. You’ll provide agents with a pin, and when they login, they can automatically start dialing contacts from lists that you give them access to. You can also allow desktop computer agents, screen pop contact records, and much more.

Dialer for On-the-Go Employees

Our Dial-on-the-Go feature is one of the best that Power Dialer™ offers. Allowing agents to dial from their car, from a coffee shop or restaurant, from a home or office, and literally wherever they happen to be, from any computer, device, or phone. This innovative, convenient technology will give you the advantage over your competitors, since so many call centers limit dialing capabilities or require staff to be in-office, sitting at a desktop. On-the-go sales is the way of the future, and Power Dialer™ can give you that. Best of all, you can also view analytics, track performances, and more, from any device and any location.

Dialer for Real Estate Prospecting

Real estate agents and other related companies/agencies are another industry that require a lot of cold calling and follow up with clients. However, it’s hard to get work done when you’re changed to a desk. Power Dialer™ allows you to generate outbound calls, follow up with clients, call leads, prospect for new listings, chat with prospective sellers and buyers, take incoming calls, and more, no matter where you are. Whether it’s from a landline, a computer, another device or your cell phone, you can manage your calls quickly and easily.

Dialer for Work From Home & Remote Employees

Work From Home and Remote Jobs are on the rise, with more and more companies choosing to go this route. Power Dialer™ has kept their finger on the pulse of this growing segment of the industry and can provide you with the perfect solution for training Work from Home and Remote employees.

You’ll still be able to track productivity levels, hold employees accountable, give training opportunities and utilize performance tracking reports. There’s no need to ship your employees pricey equipment or phones, and they won’t need to invest in their own expensive new equipment. Power Dialer™ can easily work with their existing devices, landlines and computers. They’ll have access to the same interactive walkthroughs, guides and training materials, and Power Dialer™ will make sure that everyone is initiated without ever having to leave their house.

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